Bodyflow Therapy

What is Bodyflow Therapy?

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  • Bodyflow Therapy is a unique and technologically advanced treatment that enables athletes and patients to recover from injuries faster.
  • It is clinically proven and easy to use.
  • Used by leading health practitioners

Where there is an excess of fluid or swelling Bodyflow Therapy promotes drainage from the affected area helping people to recover faster.


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Bodyflow provides symptomatic relief to conditions that have resulted from poor circulation (blood flow) and or lympathic uptake.

  • Post-operative wound healing
  • Post arthroscopic surgery
  • Prevention of DVT
  • Chronic wound healing (e.g ulcers, bedsores)
  • Haematoma’s (bruising)
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Poor Circulation
  • Peripheral Vascular Diseasr (often associated with diabetes)

Sport Recovery

Bodyflow is now used by professional sporting teams and athletes all over the world to recover faster and improve performance.

There is a portable Bodyflow available which allows sports professionals to bodyflow at anytime including whilst travelling.


bodyflow lymphoedema
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Bodyflow is a world-first technology for the management and treatment of lymphoedema (fluid retention).

Whilst promoting fluid drainage, Bodyflow Therapy is a safe non-invasice treatment that is clinically proven to be effective for the management of Lymphoedema. Thereby allowing lymphoedema sufferers to get back to enjoyng life.

“The Bodyflow electrodes impart some very gentle electrical energy to the tissues and this helps stimulate the lymphatic vessels to contract more forcibly and drain more effectively. If we can stop Lymphoedema that’s a win for the patient, if we can reverse it, that’s even better” – Prof. Neil Piller, Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide.

Clinical & Portable Units Available

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