Pelleres Base Training

Pelleres Base Training

  • Reduces body fat – Pelleres increases muscular abdominal activation to help you burn more fat when you walk and exercise.
  • Improves muscle endurance – Cardiovascular exercise is movement that increases the heart and respiratory rate and strengthens your heart and lungs.
  • Builds core strength – Core muscles create a solid base for you body , allowing you to stay upright and stand strong
  • Increases functional skills – improving functional skills allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more efficiently, effectively and without injuries or pain.

What are Pelleres?

Pelleres are a weighted sleeve worn when you exercise. Launched in 2009 Pelleres are used as a conditioning tool.
The human body is amazing but it is also complex. Our body is a chain of mobile joints that must be controlled to support us efficiently.
Trained stability muscles keep our bodies in line and working efficiently. Pelleres are extremely effective at getting and keeping these muscles in shape.

Pelleres are use to improve:

  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Suppleness, and
  • Skills

Pelleres are an internationally recognised award-winning device.

Why Pelleres work?

There are three key reasons why Pelleres work.

  • The position of the weights, along your forearm, successfully targets your core stabiliser throughout your abdomen and major muscle groups. Unlike “wrist weights”, Pelleres evenly distributes the weight along the ulna (forearm) bone.
  • Range of weight. Pelleres come in four weights which covers the weight range (0-1kg) for functional movement. To successfully strengthen core muscles normal movement patterns must be maintained.
  • The weights are anchored to your forearm which allows for a natural, unimpeded, and dynamic actions. Your wrists and hands are free which allows normal functional movements.

What is Pelleres Base Training?

Is a series of 4 x 30 min one on one sessions – introduction to Pelleres
These sessions will provide you with the tools to get increased performance, maximised core strength and stability, better physiology and an accelerated fat shredding.

How does it work?

It enhances body position, targets your core, enables flexibility and balance, stimulates muscle groups correctly and improves functional skills.
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