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Body Perceptions Physiotherapy offers a comprehensive range of physiotherapy and allied health services for a holistic approach to treatment. Your body’s long-term health is important for quality of life. With this in mind, Body Perceptions offers flexible hours and longer treatment times. Body Perceptions Linda Bennetts has over 40 years of experience in physiotherapy as well as many areas of special interest.


Body Perceptions Physiotherapists provide services for the whole community, as well as focusing on specialised needs, such as sporting injuries, chronic pain, scoliosis and ergonomic assessments. Our philosophy is one of “Total Body Physiotherapy” – not only treating the symptoms but determining and eliminating the causative factors and teaching the necessary lifestyle changes to prevent re-occurrences.

Bodyflow Therapy

A unique treatment used by Physiotherapists and trainers to enable athletes and patient to recover from training injuries faster. Bodyflow provides symptomatic relief from any condition that results from a poor circulatory or lymphatic uptake including but not limited to lymphoedema, post-surgery, swelling, sprains/strains, wound management and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Pelleres Base Training

Pelleres are a functional strength training device where weight is positioned on the body’s forearms. As a consequence, during movement and activity, core muscles are overloaded, required to work harder, which results in increased strength and stability. Pelleres are a new, award winning innovative training device. The weights are positioned on the forearms to target core muscle activity.

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