Podiatry Services Available

  • Assessment
  • Follow up
  • Foot Strengthening Exercises
  • Children’s Feet
  • Biomechanical Assessment
  • Footwear Advice
  • Orthotic Therapy
  • Medico-Legal Assessments
  • Running Technique Coaching


Video Analysis – See the cause of the pain!

All assessments are performed by Sports podiatrists and are conducted with the aid of digital video analysis of your feet. This allows us to slow down your movement pattern and explain how your foot interacts with your lower limb to cause your injury.

Foot Strengthening – Get Strong Feet!

Anyone who is able to walk will benefit from foot strengthening exercises. We strengthen many parts of our body but we usually neglect our feet, despite the fact that they carry us 7500 steps each day.

Orthotics – Correct foot positions instantly!

Orthoses alter foot positions. We prescribe digitally enhanced orthotics to correct your foot position during every step you take.

Foot Analysis for Performance – PLAY WITHOUT PAIN!

3D Digital Analysis –

Our Olympic Athletes use The Foot Analysis Centre to give them that edge over their competition. Sometimes it is that 1% that makes the difference between winning and losing!

Advanced foot Strengthening techniques –

We wrote the book on Foot Strengthening – literally! That right the first ever book for athletes to strengthen their feet. Hundreds of exercises specific to your sport. Whether you are a dancer, a runner or a football player we can make your feet their best and help you to play without pain!

Foot Analysis for Children – STRONG FEET START NOW!

Worried your child has flat feet? –

Having good feet starts from birth! Many parents are concerned that their children have flat feet or fallen arches that develop into other problems later in life. You childrens feet will take over 200 million steps! What you do now can determine the fate of your childrens feet!

The Foot Anlaysis Centre’s children’s foot assessments include:

  • Analysis of the walking development of your child
  • Barefoot vs shoes for children’s feet
  • Correct fitting of shoes to children’s feet
  • Foot exercise games for babies, 1-3yrs & 4-7yrs