Rehabilitation & Maintenance Tools

Ice and Easy (Small/Large)

ice and easy

Is an effective cold application that provides a safe method to treat injuries. It also allows the user to apply good compression over the injury whilst elevating the affected area.

Pocket Physio

pocket physio

A simple inexpensive tool to release muscle tension. Early recognition of the onset of muscle tightness by regular use of the pocket physio is an effective way to prevent further muscle tightness and the possibility of injury.

ITB Rollers (Small/Large)

itb rollers

This Physiotherapy tool is essential for Myofascial release, muscle massaging and used in many rehabilitative exercises.



This Professional Portable Healing Tool is endorsed by our Physiotherapist Linda Bennetts and offers sensitive and Acupuncture/ Trigger Point location that gives fast and effective pain relief from aches, swelling, tension and stress-related symptoms.

Muscle Mate

muscle mate

Is an effective tool for the treatment and prevention of myofascial pain and associated movement and postural dysfunctions.

Stretch Bands (S/M/L)

stretch bands

Is a fundamental aide for increasing Flexibility whilst carrying out stretching exercises.

Fit Balls

fir balls

Are used in physiotherapy consultations, personal training and rehabilitation settings for a varied number of reasons which include producing an area of instability so the client must engage more muscles to remain balanced. The Fit Balls are also ergonomically designed to encourage correct posture while seated, providing suitable support to aid with the natural S-curve in the back. Also improves blood circulation and provide comfort to your spine, thighs and buttocks